Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yea, we're going there.....
Lineup includes:








So Says Vondella

My pleasure to work with you and your talented staff of down-to-earth professionals.  I look forward to the pictures. I also look forward to seeing you on billboards, magazine covers, and on the big screen.  You are very talented and you exemplify what fashion was, where it is , and where it's going.  You couldnt have picked a better team, all of your spirits were genuine! Thanks for allowing me to be apart of your movement!

Monica Shares Her Experience

When I went to the photoshoot, I didn't know anybody, but everybody was very friendly.  I did makeup first and while I was getting my makeup done, I was able to watch Davita put the outfits together.  Most people do not enjoy their jobs, it is just a paycheck...but Davita was different.  She is passionate, artistic and loves what she does.  I was a little envious of that, but was very happy that she is able to share what she does with others.  Next I got dressed and went to hair.  My outfit and hair was nothing that I would wear on a regular day, but it was great for a photoshoot!  It was different, artsy and I was fabulous!  Gia and Meesh were great and the other models were fabulous too...but not as fabulous as me :)  The BushBroads photoshoot was an awesome experience and if you need me again, I am here for you.  Smooches!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kekep's Recap

Participating in this journey with the creative minds of BushBroads was a great experience. At first, I was kind of nervous since I've never been in a photo shoot before but these ladies' personalities gave me no choice, but to "bring it".  Despite the bitter cold..lol.. these ladies let me know that you're a BushBroad today and BushBroads are HOT. Warmed me up (snap snap..lol) Thank you ladies for making me feel sexy and appreciative of embracing this natural journey. I applaud you all..true genius! .. This is only the beginning for you all. Remember the sky is the limit. Keep it natural...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ode to Africa

Sunday, January 9th, we've got two beauties
stepping up and stepping out.....


Get ready.....Africa awaits.....