Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Scraped Knees: A Self-Portrait

This self-portrait was written for all who think, live and walk to the left. For those who aren't afraid of trying. For those who aren't fearful of falling and scraping their knees. This memoir was written for the young girl with the tear-soaked mattress. Relentless tears frequent her eyes because of being frustrated with society's, nagging 'box' infringing upon her list of things to do. It speaks to the female struggling for the acceptance of her parents but more importantly, battling with accepting, believing in herself. This is for the sister who stares, daily, into the eyes of trouble, hardship, and despair. For the female who is 'lost' and trying to find her way, this is for you. And, to the blossoming beauty who has yet to reach your full potential, this is written. Written so that you may take advantage of the present day and find comfort in knowing that tomorrow is filled with purpose-filled possibilities.

This story, my story is a graphic tale of being pushed to the ground by others, as well as stumbling to the ground by my own actions but always finding a reason, a purpose to rise again, 'scraped knees' and all. Through pictures, art, poems, reflections, diary entries and interviews, I welcome you into my world.....

My life, my story is available at Thank you for your support!

Do you have a 'scraped knees' story of your own and want to share? Anonymously (please no contact or identifying information in the body of your message) send pictures, poems, letters, whatever you need to tell your story to Be creative. Be honest. Be legible. Go ahead, I'm listening.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Courtney's Recap

all i can say is my experience with bushbroads was truly was exfoliation for the soul. i left there floating on cloud 9....i kept thinking 'wow'....someone can you tell all day that you're beautiful but there's something about the moment when you truly realize it...when you've come into your own. when you're true ...self in it's purest form is exposed. when you smile from within and the universe smiles back and says "yes girl....yes".

Courtney P.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh how we do it!

Today was an interesting day and I would like to thank everyone involved in the day....models...u rocked it...I'm editing as we speak....Picture will be available for purchase soon...I just had to post this pic because the dolls are shining as well...They wanted to be Bush Broads too!
BushBroads team...yall rocked it...Gia great job on the hair...Davita...dope job on the styling..Joy you and your girls rocked it. Johnatha your a blessing, thanks for the "extra hand...and arms" and the food =)....Ty you rocked it and thanks for helping me pack up the backgrounds and holding my lenses. 
Throw up, rockin rocks, beadybeads, red grapes veggies and cheese...Being a bushbroad created moment such as these =)


BushBroad Meesh The Photographer

Tasha Talks

Well I must admit I didn't know what to expect. I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure what you were expecting of me, but after meeting and talking with everybody I was at ease. You girls are the best. You are patient, kind, and have great personalities. You made this transition such a great experience. From the hair, makeup down to the final touches everything was super!!!! Now I can sit and talk about the change from being natural but you guys did so much more than that.

As I was sitting in the chair getting my makeup on and eagerly waiting to see what I would look like, what outfit you would choose and so on and so forth. I must admit I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw something I truly wasn't expecting. I saw my mother who passed away 6mo ago. And all I could do is smile. I wanted to cry but didn't want to mess up my makeup. Lol. All that hard work that was put into doing it:-). The photo shoot was fun!!! I've always taken pictures but I felt so different and I felt like I had a reason to smile, just thinking about my mom and what would she be doing if this were her.

This transformation as I would call it is just that, you girls are changing lives in more ways than one. You don't even know that each part that was done today contributed to a great experience in my life. I would like to thank you for your time and effort that was put forth into the transformation. I had a great time and wouldn't change the experience for anything. Thanks for allowing me to see my mom through your vision. You may not understand it but I do. Thanks for everything! And allowing me to be a BUSH BROAD!!!!!

You girls are the best! Many blessings and well wishes throughout this whole project. Continue to change lives!!!!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Pretty Outspoken: Lovy

Meet Lovy!

1) Was there a specific someone who encouraged you to become natural? If so, who?
My decision to go natural was a personal decision. I decided to go natural Sept. 26, 2006 on the spur of the moment. I had been contemplating it for some time, but never had the guts to do it. Then, one day I walked into a well-known natural hair care salon, sat in the chair and opted for the BIG chop! I truly believed that if I could let go of all of that hair I could let go of anything in life that was in one way or another suppressing my growth.

2) Why aren't more women embracing their natural hair?
I think that the most common reason for more women refusing to embrace their natural hair stems from internally rooted reasons. I know a few women who just simply fear entering into the" unknown." When I say unknown I simply mean they fear what their natural texture will look and feel like and whether or not they will be able to maintain it. Many women seem to have the perception that their natural hair will be "nappy" or "ugly" when in fact everyone that I know that has taken the leap towards natural hair has fully embraced and fallen in love with their kinks and coils.

3) In one word, how would you describe your locs?

4) What's your definition of beauty?
Beauty is not defined by the straightness or length of your hair. Beauty in essence is truly skin deep. You have to love everything about you, imperfections and all in order to truly recognize what real beauty is. Beauty is not defined my the woman, but rather the woman defines beauty. So, while I could give my definition of beauty it would only pertain to me as an individual.

5) What would you say to someone thinking about becoming natural but is a little hesitant?
To those contemplating going natural I say "Do It" what's the worse that could happen? Hair will always grow back.

6) What products do you use?
I use a number of products because I like to experiment and see what works best... I've used all of the Miss Jessies products, deva poo, Curls, Jane Carters solution , Kinky Curly, Carols Daughter, Uncle Funkys Daughter, Hair Rules, Mango and Lime, as well as other brands. At the end of the day, you have to find the products that works BEST for you in ever sense of the word from budget to end results.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Up Next?

Sunday's shoot is going to be.....
extra super, fabulous, exciting!
Well, let's see here--something to
do with Barbie and 
The Harlem Renaissance*

Meet the 'Broads'.....

Courtney (in the salmon



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Public Praise

They are BushBroads! They are an asset! They are complex individuals with interesting and compelling stories! Ladies, it was most certainly a pleasure to learn and grow with each of you last night as I was made even more aware of your awesomeness.  As each of you uttered the peaks and poisons of your past, bonding occurred and may it never break. I am certain that the fruits of our labor will result in a fruitful future--not only for us but for other, magnificent naturals, as well.

On yester-eve, we were present.....

Joy, you are beautiful!
Marquita, you are beautiful!
Johnatha, you are beautiful!
Meesh, you are beautiful!
Ty, you are beautiful!
Gia, you are beautiful!

And, it's truly my pleasure!!
Davita. xoxoxoxoxo

Friday, October 15, 2010

I really Love my Hair!!! The movement is here!!!

I just had to share this!!! It's sooooo deeep! I'm constantly reminded of how deep our mission is!!! I never had anything like this when I was a little girl...all you saw were just for me ads! lol! Just think for a minute how much this will mean to a little girl with natural hair!  Enjoy!!!! :D

In addition Essence finally has an issue all about natural hair!!! So glad we're a part of this women can get back to loving who we are!!! Just like God designed us!!! That's a major blessing!!! :)

Peace Broads!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty Outspoken: Chakayla

So, this beauty is Chakayla....
She'll be transformed November 21st....
She has a few things to share.....

1) Seeing as though you've been natural for a year, what made you detest chemical applications?
The year before chopping off all my hair and reinventing myself, my hair was so thin and unhealthy. I was sick of looking like every other black chick on my college campus, which is predominantly white. Two months before entering college my freshman year I decided to transition until my new growth started peeking out. Anxious and apprehensive, yes two horrible combinations, I cut if off October 18, 2009. This has been one of the best decisions I have made since graduating from high school. In a crowd full of chicks addicted to creamy crack, I am the BUSHY BROAD everyone looks at.

2) Do you think being natural will effect any of your relationships? If so, in what way?
I am currently in a relationship and he met me when I was six months into my natural journey and it was way shorter than what is was now. Only a REAL man can truly appreciate a woman who is natural. One guy told me he thinks its sexy that a woman is natural, its shows that she is confident and comfortable in her own skin. I guess I said all that to say that being natural hasn't affected any of my relationships, but I've had exes say rude comments when I first cut if off, but that's why there exes.

3) What about finding a job? Do you think it will intefere?
It all depends on where natural divas are trying to find jobs. I have aspirations to work in the fashion industry, but I never know where I will end up after graduation. But I will NEVER go back to creamy crack no matter what. I've seen CEOs with natural dos that look dope and professional, the world is changing slowly but surely, my loves.

4) What products do you use?
I currently use Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner that I got from Target. Carol's Daughter leave conditioner spritz, and I just brought this line called Black Earth product that I'm anxious to use.

5) Do you have any interesting hair rituals?
I don't know if I would call it interesting but I braid or twist my hair before I got to bed.

6) Fill in the blank: My hair is _________________.....
FIERCE, with a mind of its own!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Monique Has A Moment~

Regal is the word that comes to mind when describing my BushBroad photo shoot. I am a woman with a disability and the team accomodated me by coming to my home to transform me into a BushBroad queen! Including a woman with a disability really shows that they are capturing a "broad" spectrum of natural sisters in the movement. The creative energy and love that they brought to my home was a beautiful feeling. The back drop for my shoot had names of famous and powerful black women past to present that inspire us to carry ourselves as queens; it was an honor to even sit in front of those names painted on a cloth. Having been officially stamped a BushBroad makes me feel even stronger and ready to rule in every area of my life. "Off with the heads of those that don't respect the BUSH!"

Thank you Davita, Marquita, Meesh, Gia, and Ty via Joy for making me look so beautiful!

Monique Stamps

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pretty Outspoken: Amina

 This is Amina (and her precious son).
She will be transformed in November along 
with other models from Georgia.
We asked.
She shared.

1) How long have you been natural?
I've been wearing my hair natural for over 15 years!
2) What significance does your hair have?
Great question. At different times my hair has meant different things, in fact, if I were asked this question a week ago my answer would be totally different. Today I would have to say my hair signifies a "BEAUTIFUL REBELLION." I recently moved back to my hometown which is not as "progressive" as Atlanta and right away I noticed the stares, the "sneak peeks" and the gawking of the people around me. Maybe they've never seen an afro all big and bushy like this in real life, hee hee! It's certainly not the norm here. Anyway, I decided rather than doing my usual up-do, i would keep doing the full fledged in your face kinky afro. You know, use it as a natural beauty wake up call. I think the fact that my almost 2 year old son has a HUGE afro himself adds to the amazement!    
3) What is your definition of beauty?
Beauty to me is confidence and kindness. It is positivity and joy. When you possess these qualities, beauty can't help but to shine through.
4) Do you have any interesting hair rituals? If so, please share.
Hummmm, hair rituals. Not really at this time, BUT there are a few things that make being a "bushbroad" A WHOLE LOT easier. First, I always deal with my hair in sections when detangling, washing and styling. Second, keeping a wide toothed comb and a "strong" paddle brush on deck is a must. This third one may sound a little funny but it's real. I am CONSTANTLY telling my hair how much I love it. I really think, it helps it to grow better. ;)
5) What products do you use?
My go-to pomade is Jane Carter Solutions "Nourish and Shine," the name says it all. For smoothin out the edges or a more firm up do, nothing, is touching Hick's "Edges!"
Wanna become a BushBroad?
Are you 'pretty outspoken'?
Email a pic to!
We'll take care of the rest :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crystal's Experience

Over the course of about 10 years I have been undecided between natural and relaxed hair. I consider self low maintainence but work in an industry where beauty and appearance are judged before character and talent. First, let me say that my mother is a hair styist and owned a salon for much of my life. I have never been married to hair because I've seen it fried, dyed, and weaved...meaning it optional. My journey began as a teen. I was experimenting with my hair(cutting/coloring) and decided I wanted a big fro....but around prom time and graduation time I decided I needed "serious hair". I relaxed my hair without a second thought. Two weeks after graduation I went in my godfather's barber shop and got a ceasar. I wore an afro, cornrows, and even pressed hair through college until I decided to experiment with locking my hair. I locked my hair myself and wore them through graduation and finally decided to cut them because I was tired of being the butt end of rastafarian jokes. The breaking point was freelancing @ Southpark and having a distract manager approach me as if I was ignorant of proper english (complete with him rolling his neck and his eyes). Why is it that the hair we have on our head bothers some people?....I don't know...their issue not mine. I was also going through other life changes as I was assuming my role as a proper adult woman. So once again I went back to my ceasar. I decided to take another approach....grow it and weave it. My hair seemed to grow quickly but I relaxed it again about a year later. After about six months and moving to NY I decided to begin cutting my hair again. I like to say that I have had every hairstyle Rihanna has now...but I had them last year. I ran back to my ceasar and have been growing my hair descision ever! I don't see a relaxer in my future anytime soon..I feel my hair has reflected the changes I've gone through and as I see grays sprouting it will continue to grow and change with me. I don't know what the stigma is about natural hair but I suspect most of it stems from ignorance. Why do I have to change what is natural to me to please someone else's eyes if I am the only me I'll ever be? I must please myself and do what's natural.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Up Next?

First of all, let me be the first to say that our BushBroads team is going so hard these days!! We have a purpose and are enthusiastic with nothing but pure 'Joy!!' (wink, wink)......

The transformation of another broad happens Sunday.... Meet Monique!