Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Scraped Knees: A Self-Portrait

This self-portrait was written for all who think, live and walk to the left. For those who aren't afraid of trying. For those who aren't fearful of falling and scraping their knees. This memoir was written for the young girl with the tear-soaked mattress. Relentless tears frequent her eyes because of being frustrated with society's, nagging 'box' infringing upon her list of things to do. It speaks to the female struggling for the acceptance of her parents but more importantly, battling with accepting, believing in herself. This is for the sister who stares, daily, into the eyes of trouble, hardship, and despair. For the female who is 'lost' and trying to find her way, this is for you. And, to the blossoming beauty who has yet to reach your full potential, this is written. Written so that you may take advantage of the present day and find comfort in knowing that tomorrow is filled with purpose-filled possibilities.

This story, my story is a graphic tale of being pushed to the ground by others, as well as stumbling to the ground by my own actions but always finding a reason, a purpose to rise again, 'scraped knees' and all. Through pictures, art, poems, reflections, diary entries and interviews, I welcome you into my world.....

My life, my story is available at Thank you for your support!

Do you have a 'scraped knees' story of your own and want to share? Anonymously (please no contact or identifying information in the body of your message) send pictures, poems, letters, whatever you need to tell your story to Be creative. Be honest. Be legible. Go ahead, I'm listening.


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