Monday, October 18, 2010

Public Praise

They are BushBroads! They are an asset! They are complex individuals with interesting and compelling stories! Ladies, it was most certainly a pleasure to learn and grow with each of you last night as I was made even more aware of your awesomeness.  As each of you uttered the peaks and poisons of your past, bonding occurred and may it never break. I am certain that the fruits of our labor will result in a fruitful future--not only for us but for other, magnificent naturals, as well.

On yester-eve, we were present.....

Joy, you are beautiful!
Marquita, you are beautiful!
Johnatha, you are beautiful!
Meesh, you are beautiful!
Ty, you are beautiful!
Gia, you are beautiful!

And, it's truly my pleasure!!
Davita. xoxoxoxoxo

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