Friday, October 8, 2010

Pretty Outspoken: Amina

 This is Amina (and her precious son).
She will be transformed in November along 
with other models from Georgia.
We asked.
She shared.

1) How long have you been natural?
I've been wearing my hair natural for over 15 years!
2) What significance does your hair have?
Great question. At different times my hair has meant different things, in fact, if I were asked this question a week ago my answer would be totally different. Today I would have to say my hair signifies a "BEAUTIFUL REBELLION." I recently moved back to my hometown which is not as "progressive" as Atlanta and right away I noticed the stares, the "sneak peeks" and the gawking of the people around me. Maybe they've never seen an afro all big and bushy like this in real life, hee hee! It's certainly not the norm here. Anyway, I decided rather than doing my usual up-do, i would keep doing the full fledged in your face kinky afro. You know, use it as a natural beauty wake up call. I think the fact that my almost 2 year old son has a HUGE afro himself adds to the amazement!    
3) What is your definition of beauty?
Beauty to me is confidence and kindness. It is positivity and joy. When you possess these qualities, beauty can't help but to shine through.
4) Do you have any interesting hair rituals? If so, please share.
Hummmm, hair rituals. Not really at this time, BUT there are a few things that make being a "bushbroad" A WHOLE LOT easier. First, I always deal with my hair in sections when detangling, washing and styling. Second, keeping a wide toothed comb and a "strong" paddle brush on deck is a must. This third one may sound a little funny but it's real. I am CONSTANTLY telling my hair how much I love it. I really think, it helps it to grow better. ;)
5) What products do you use?
My go-to pomade is Jane Carter Solutions "Nourish and Shine," the name says it all. For smoothin out the edges or a more firm up do, nothing, is touching Hick's "Edges!"
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