Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tasha Talks

Well I must admit I didn't know what to expect. I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure what you were expecting of me, but after meeting and talking with everybody I was at ease. You girls are the best. You are patient, kind, and have great personalities. You made this transition such a great experience. From the hair, makeup down to the final touches everything was super!!!! Now I can sit and talk about the change from being natural but you guys did so much more than that.

As I was sitting in the chair getting my makeup on and eagerly waiting to see what I would look like, what outfit you would choose and so on and so forth. I must admit I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw something I truly wasn't expecting. I saw my mother who passed away 6mo ago. And all I could do is smile. I wanted to cry but didn't want to mess up my makeup. Lol. All that hard work that was put into doing it:-). The photo shoot was fun!!! I've always taken pictures but I felt so different and I felt like I had a reason to smile, just thinking about my mom and what would she be doing if this were her.

This transformation as I would call it is just that, you girls are changing lives in more ways than one. You don't even know that each part that was done today contributed to a great experience in my life. I would like to thank you for your time and effort that was put forth into the transformation. I had a great time and wouldn't change the experience for anything. Thanks for allowing me to see my mom through your vision. You may not understand it but I do. Thanks for everything! And allowing me to be a BUSH BROAD!!!!!

You girls are the best! Many blessings and well wishes throughout this whole project. Continue to change lives!!!!



  1. tasha, so glad we met you and your mother today ;)
    it was definitely a pleasure!

  2. I was truly amazed at the pictures of you. Every shot was great. I am glad you had a warm and feel good moment with us. It was really nice meeting you.

  3. sherita!!!! you're coming right up!!!