Friday, July 30, 2010

This summer heat is drying my scalp

    I get women coming in the shop all the time. Wanting help on how and what to put in their hair to keep it feeling soft and fed. Their concerns, do to the humid heat, are that they sweat making their scalp  suffer. Washing their hair more they want to use something to replenish the moisture.  Also wanting something that would make 'cents'.  Get it, They don't want to spend a whole lot on a product that will be washed out. Somewhere it was told, that all that ales us. There is a natural remedies that is the cure.
    So here it is, Extra virgin olive.   This oil provides well known medicinal properties that has been dated back to ancient times. It's nutrients helps control the  helps  Acid/Alkaline balance of the scalp (pH balance), which addresses dryness, flaking and other common scalp conditions. This nourishing oil can be use daily, while it maintains a healthy scalp. Don't over due it, a little dollop in the palm of your hand and enjoy. It's cost friendly and using a 100% pure essential oil for a sent, would make it tailor made for you.        

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Bushes....

Look who's next.....
These ladies will be 'officially'
inducted as BushBroads on August 8th***




Want to become a model, email us at

Afro Lady Earrings and others

I found these earrings on just thought they were cute to rock with our naturals...I personally love accessories and these earring are under $10 each pair...Just felt like sharing the treasure I found while web surfin...=)

Remain to be fly ladies...........

~Meesh The Photographer

Monday, July 26, 2010

Angela's Confession

I would like to a Thank the entire creative team of BushBroads for making me feel so welcome! I was very nervous! I had never been a model before, but they made me feel welcome and at ease! I felt empowered and proud to be a BushBroad! So much so that I am encouraging other naturals I know to get involved with this much needed movement! Thank you ladies again! By the way....I am still available if you need me again! :)

-Angela Jeffries

Friday, July 23, 2010

Photos, Photos, Photos

Is your hair natural?
Send us pics so we can share your beauty
with the world.....
We want to see it all:
locs, fros, fades!
Show us what you got.....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Makes Me Wanna Holler

this morning, my family and i discussed corporate america and how natural hair isn't accepted in this particular realm. mind you, most of the women present were beautiful naturals but since everyone hasn't converted, it was a roundtable of various grades of hair (i still love

regardless, we all agreed that corporate america doesn't tolerate our natural state! but more, the question is why? [so what you're saying is, i have to relax my hair for you to (relax)?] and while they may not outright say that your kinks are a catastrophe, they find other means to drive this point home such as including certain criteria in the 'professional dress' section in their rule books. hah!

looka here, my professional dress includes an outfit that looks and fits flawlessly as well as a clean crown of nappiness. yes, nappy! (i embrace that word) my 'professional' includes degrees and experience that made me an ideal candidate for the position but now, i'm not qualified because of what lies atop my head. so never mind the fact that i can do your job and handle the responsibilities of your boss with my eyes close, you're more concerned with the fact that my hair appears to have a mind of its own? oh really? well, you know what? so do i!

really though, who am i kidding, i was never a corporate gal--couldn't, wouldn't fit into a box (cubicle or otherwise). besides, i'm way too colorful and would probably burn their rule books! however, for my sisters who are climbing that ladder, don't let 'the man' interfere with you being true..... define and design yourself!

a change must come..... and, so be it, if you have to form your own corporations, businesses, etc and show them how it's done.... it's 2010!! wake up, people!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why are you a Bush Broad?

   All year it has been a movement of renewal. Women who wear locks are choosing to become a Fro...'Bush Broads'. Cutting away all the years of life, up until now. I love it. Reinventing themselves for the betterment of what's to come. The look of what there true beauty is, 2nd to how they want to feel in there life. Free.
   This morning I had a client of three years locking her hair. Cut it. Buzzed it. She is now rocking a curly cute bush. And her face popped out like something was lifted. Her story of growth was almost like going to church. I was moved as I am a lot when I do hair. I love what I do.
    If you have a story of "What makes you a Bush Broad?  Share with us. With every experience someone grows.

Friday, July 9, 2010

2 days in counting....

Sunday...there will be a meeting of the create dopeness...stay tuned...and thanks Chad for the dope artwork...audrey is a bush broad... meesh is a bush broad..davita is a and gia are bushbroads...welcome all bushbroads...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Change the world with a Photo

      We as people (I think) want to be linked to a life changing event. I voted for the 1st time, because I wanted to be apart of the 1st black president in America. I know in this life, I want to spark a flame in you to be what you where put here to do. That might be selfishly aimed. Because you might be the one to find a cure to my diabetes. So when Davita hit me on facebook, about what she envisioned.  A book with women that rock crazy fro's, wearing her designs. I thought what a great way to put out positive images of  black beauty.  It's important  We set our standard of what true beauty is. For such a long time (they) showed us what we thought we should look like. How crazy is that? A group of white men sitting at a table, making a plan for us to conform. All to get us to spend money on things that harm us. And we fell for it. The healing is now....... We are creating a table book of Black women with fro's to be marveled. This will be a small pebble for our children to see, and know it's okay to look like them. Come join and support us. Or start your on movement of change. Lets take the world back.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Strike A Pose

Are you a broad?
Better yet, are you a BUSH BROAD?
Let me help you out.....
Is your hair natural and well.....bushy?
Cool! We need you for an upcoming photo shoot!
Email for more info.....
Join the movement!