Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why are you a Bush Broad?

   All year it has been a movement of renewal. Women who wear locks are choosing to become a Fro...'Bush Broads'. Cutting away all the years of life, up until now. I love it. Reinventing themselves for the betterment of what's to come. The look of what there true beauty is, 2nd to how they want to feel in there life. Free.
   This morning I had a client of three years locking her hair. Cut it. Buzzed it. She is now rocking a curly cute bush. And her face popped out like something was lifted. Her story of growth was almost like going to church. I was moved as I am a lot when I do hair. I love what I do.
    If you have a story of "What makes you a Bush Broad?  Share with us. With every experience someone grows.


  1. gia, can we use her for a shoot? :)

  2. This is my third time as a 'Bush Broad'. This time I decided to do it because in a way I had become attached to my locs and after going through some rough times and coming out in a better place mentally and spiritually, I thought this is the perfect time for a fresh start. I have always enjoyed having short hair but I also loved my locs. It was a bitter sweet moment as each loc was cut but after the process was over I felt so liberated. I feel like I have taken a major step on my journey to being a true Freespirit. I thank you for helping me to get here, being a 'Bush Broad' feels glorious.

  3. Hello all. My name is Sala and I'm definitely a bushbroad almost 2 years in the making.

    My journey began while teaching overseas at an international Japanese school whose majority of students were biracial and predominantly black and Japanese. I had several young girls in my class who would tie their beautiful curls down so tightly in order to have a more conforming appearance, that they often ended up with headaches. I would ask them why they did it and their responses would be that their hair was too big and it wasn't straight, it got in the way, and people would make fun of them. I made it my mission to let them know how beautiful they were and how fabulous their hair was. I mean seriously, these girls had beautifully, thick, curls halfway down their backs. Some of the curls were tight, some of them were looser, but all of them were gorgeous. I made sure to take their hair down each morning before class and showed them how to do a simple braid or ponytail to keep it out f their face and introduced their mother to some websites that had products that would help the moisturize and manage it at home. I did this for about a month until one day, one of my students said...Brown sensei, you always say our hair is so pretty but your make your own straight. Why don't you like your hair?

    I had no answer. I'd ben chemically relaxing my hair for at least 10 years at this point and had no defense. I had long, straight hair, but wanted them to embrace their own kinks. I wanted them to see that our hair is beautiful. I wanted them to know that I meant it. I wanted them to always believe.... so I took a leap and CUT MINE OFF! Well at least all the straight ends. I grew it out for 3 months or so.

    I surprised myself almost as much as them. I've loved every moment since I made that step. I was so free and felt so beautiful. What started as a lesson for others taught me so much about myself and my will and truly that my beauty and all beauty comes from within.