Monday, July 26, 2010

Angela's Confession

I would like to a Thank the entire creative team of BushBroads for making me feel so welcome! I was very nervous! I had never been a model before, but they made me feel welcome and at ease! I felt empowered and proud to be a BushBroad! So much so that I am encouraging other naturals I know to get involved with this much needed movement! Thank you ladies again! By the way....I am still available if you need me again! :)

-Angela Jeffries


  1. Awesome Angela! We enjoyed having you! Thanks for helping us show the world what it means to be a BushBroad! ;)

  2. I agree Angela. I've been wearing my natural hair for three years and I've never been more proud to show it off til the day of the photo shoot. It was truly wonderful being surrounded by beautiful talented women and they all were NATURAL! I Loved it. I've never been ashamed to wear my hair in its natural state, but on that day, I totally embraced the beauty of it. This was a wonderful experience.