Sunday, July 18, 2010

Makes Me Wanna Holler

this morning, my family and i discussed corporate america and how natural hair isn't accepted in this particular realm. mind you, most of the women present were beautiful naturals but since everyone hasn't converted, it was a roundtable of various grades of hair (i still love

regardless, we all agreed that corporate america doesn't tolerate our natural state! but more, the question is why? [so what you're saying is, i have to relax my hair for you to (relax)?] and while they may not outright say that your kinks are a catastrophe, they find other means to drive this point home such as including certain criteria in the 'professional dress' section in their rule books. hah!

looka here, my professional dress includes an outfit that looks and fits flawlessly as well as a clean crown of nappiness. yes, nappy! (i embrace that word) my 'professional' includes degrees and experience that made me an ideal candidate for the position but now, i'm not qualified because of what lies atop my head. so never mind the fact that i can do your job and handle the responsibilities of your boss with my eyes close, you're more concerned with the fact that my hair appears to have a mind of its own? oh really? well, you know what? so do i!

really though, who am i kidding, i was never a corporate gal--couldn't, wouldn't fit into a box (cubicle or otherwise). besides, i'm way too colorful and would probably burn their rule books! however, for my sisters who are climbing that ladder, don't let 'the man' interfere with you being true..... define and design yourself!

a change must come..... and, so be it, if you have to form your own corporations, businesses, etc and show them how it's done.... it's 2010!! wake up, people!

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  1. Whew girl!!! I could not have said it better. What a travesty to be made to feel self conconscious about our hair in the workplace. I hate it, but it is so true! But we will never let anyone make us feel "unacceptable" regardless of where it is. We belong wherever we please.