Monday, July 5, 2010

Change the world with a Photo

      We as people (I think) want to be linked to a life changing event. I voted for the 1st time, because I wanted to be apart of the 1st black president in America. I know in this life, I want to spark a flame in you to be what you where put here to do. That might be selfishly aimed. Because you might be the one to find a cure to my diabetes. So when Davita hit me on facebook, about what she envisioned.  A book with women that rock crazy fro's, wearing her designs. I thought what a great way to put out positive images of  black beauty.  It's important  We set our standard of what true beauty is. For such a long time (they) showed us what we thought we should look like. How crazy is that? A group of white men sitting at a table, making a plan for us to conform. All to get us to spend money on things that harm us. And we fell for it. The healing is now....... We are creating a table book of Black women with fro's to be marveled. This will be a small pebble for our children to see, and know it's okay to look like them. Come join and support us. Or start your on movement of change. Lets take the world back.

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