Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monique Has A Moment~

Regal is the word that comes to mind when describing my BushBroad photo shoot. I am a woman with a disability and the team accomodated me by coming to my home to transform me into a BushBroad queen! Including a woman with a disability really shows that they are capturing a "broad" spectrum of natural sisters in the movement. The creative energy and love that they brought to my home was a beautiful feeling. The back drop for my shoot had names of famous and powerful black women past to present that inspire us to carry ourselves as queens; it was an honor to even sit in front of those names painted on a cloth. Having been officially stamped a BushBroad makes me feel even stronger and ready to rule in every area of my life. "Off with the heads of those that don't respect the BUSH!"

Thank you Davita, Marquita, Meesh, Gia, and Ty via Joy for making me look so beautiful!

Monique Stamps

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  1. Monique! I am glad you enjoyed the experience! Hate I wasn't there to take part, but a blessing my girl Ty was able to hold me down and add something special! We appreciate you for being the phenomenal woman you are! It's the testimonials that make it all worth it!!! Be blessed sis! :)

    To the team...I love you girls! Sometimes I don't know if I even realize how deep our project is. Every confession confirms our mission...let's go! :)