Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monica Shares Her Experience

When I went to the photoshoot, I didn't know anybody, but everybody was very friendly.  I did makeup first and while I was getting my makeup done, I was able to watch Davita put the outfits together.  Most people do not enjoy their jobs, it is just a paycheck...but Davita was different.  She is passionate, artistic and loves what she does.  I was a little envious of that, but was very happy that she is able to share what she does with others.  Next I got dressed and went to hair.  My outfit and hair was nothing that I would wear on a regular day, but it was great for a photoshoot!  It was different, artsy and I was fabulous!  Gia and Meesh were great and the other models were fabulous too...but not as fabulous as me :)  The BushBroads photoshoot was an awesome experience and if you need me again, I am here for you.  Smooches!

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