Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sophia Shares.....

Being a Bush Broad Realized. What can I say? I've never been so thoroughly impressed with anything as completely as I was with this day and these women. From the concept to the mission to the professionalism to the aesthetic to the wonderful, beautiful, talented ladies involved in this project. Everything was impeccable! I went into this thing with zero expectations. I was told a location, a time, and to just bring meself. I walk in to Always aHead on Myers Street to what I shall deem my mom-tourage putting the final touches on my costume's embellishments, discussing the plans and the past, and pleasantly waiting for me even though I was easily 15 minutes late. Gia Atkinson styled my hair, Joy Randall hooked up the makeup, Davita aka Swatty dressed me and voila... I not only looked the part, I felt it! Mother Earth: a wild mane held in place by a sliver of order; a fresh, natural face ready to look upon her decimated world; a body swathed in lush greenery and accoutrements made of her creation.

The location, chosen by Meesh, was the perfect homage to "Taken Earth Retaking". We hiked it to a probable-drug-den, definite-rebel-hideaway under a train bridge off of Caldwell Street. Remnants of travel and industry (tires, debris, and concrete) and evidence of illicit use (skateboard ramps, spray paint, and crack pipes) ALL being reclaimed by nature and I, her ingénue. I didn't feel like we were capturing an image so much as a concept akin to Carl Sandburg's "Grass".

Marquita Anthony snapped the process, which was not at all as easy as I'd imagined, while Meesh strove to capture the perfect frames. It was incredibly hot, insect ridden, and unbeknownst to us...surprisingly dangerous! Not only were we climbing up and over trash piles and upsetting mosquito filled tires, but a couple of wigger thugs drove up rather brusquely because they'd "heard about our shoot". Gia and Joy, on top of trying to keep the original look intact through sweat and agitated hair, coolly deduced that these fellows probably got a tip from the unsavory character that rode by on his bicycle earlier that a bunch of weird ladies were taking pictures on their turf.

Overall, everything went quite well! With Meesh's setup and Marquita's direction, I tried to evoke royalty, anger, sadness, distress, and all of the other emotions that a mother whose children constantly stab her in the back may feel. I hope I did well with my small part in the whole thing because my GOD what an adventure! I've never felt so pampered and abused at the same time, and had so much fun doing it.

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