Sunday, August 1, 2010

The transition...

My natural hair journey began about 3 years ago...and I am so glad that I stuck with it! I think a lot of women have the wrong perception of "Natural hair": Going natural is as much a mental process as it is physical. here are a few tips to get you through the metamorphosis...

The first step is to accept the idea that "YOUR" hair texture is matter what that texture is. Some women's natural texture is soft and wavy....some is kinky and tight...either way, if YOU love it, so will everyone else! Own your natural hair! It's yours and its fabulous!

The next step is finding the products that work for your hair! Don't get your feelings hurt if the same product your friend uses doesn't quite work in your hair! Products that suit your as individual as finding a foundation for your skin tone.You have to think that you are made of 2 ppl who were made of 2 other people and so on and so on...that makes each texture unique and different and that is a beautiful thing! Have a lil patience when it comes to finding what works, it will be a trial and error period. But you WILL find something that makes your natural hair look amazing! ;)

Another tip is finding a stylist who can help with your transition. The right stylist can give you "In Between" styles...that you can rock until you get your hair where you want it to be. There are tons of options outside of locs and braids! Blow outs are a great way to grow length out  as well if you're not ready for the big chop.

Big Earrings, hats and wigs are also helpful to wear on the days you may not feel as bold. Throw a lil make up in the mix and you will be feelin too cute in no-time! Sometimes you just need to do a lil somethin to get you through a day or 2, so you won't reach for that "creamy crack"! Especially after you've come so far! ( We have all been there)

You can do it sista! Grow on wit yo bad self! BushBroads are here to help ya! Keep it Funky ladies! Peace! 
Joy Nichelle Randall

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