Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pretty Outspoken: Corvaya!

Meet Corvaya!

She'll be transformed soon but, hey, introductions
are always in order.....

1) In one word, how would you describe your hair?
2) How long have you been without a perm or applied any other straightening chemicals?
It has been six years! At a young age I realized that I only felt pretty when I had a fresh relaxer. I had to make some changes!
3) Beauty is SELF MADE!
4) Do you have any interesting hair rituals?
If I want a more tamed, curled fro I make thick finger curls in the shower with conditioner, sit under the dryer after, and then separate them in the morning. When I am feeling wild (which is most days) I let my hair air dry and let it do whatever it wants to do!
5) What products do you use?
It truly depends on the season, Carefree Curl works well on my hair in the Winter with a dab of anti frizz. I have yet to find something that keeps my hair fully moisturized in the heat. 

'This one if for all the multicultural women reading this. Embrace your hair as much you embrace your culture! There is no right or wrong way, love it and it will love you.'

Thanks Corvaya!
We'll see you soon.....


  1. Love her look! Even though she hasn't been transformed!

  2. yea she's fancy....can't wait to 'BushBroad' her...