Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not quite ready for the big chop...but off the creamy crack!

Just thought I would take a minute to document one of my friend's hair...she hasn't had a relaxer in 5 months and 2 weeks (in her own words, lol) but isn't quite ready to cut off the relaxed hair. So I have been blowing her hair out with a round brush. We shampoo'd and conditioned  her hair and put a leave in, in it as well. I also use silicone for shine and protecting the hair and to add shine. I never use oil or grease in her hair....
< Relaxed hair is still on the ends
 The hair is blown out with a round brush to stretch out the natural hair and blend it with the hair that is still relaxed. We try to get the hair as straight as possible and as close to the root as possible. Then we flat iron it to get it bone straight and smooth the cuticle...

So you been thinking about going natural? Its possible!!! Even if you're not quite have time and ways to do your hair until you make a confident decision. Just thought I'd share...I know there's a bunch of you chicks out there just debating on it everyday! Come on over to the bushes ladies! You can still look like you use creamy crack whenever you want! ;) lol Just don't settle for being a creamy crackhead! lmao!!!  Smooches! ;-*

Brought to you by Joy Nichelle Randall... : D


  1. ok joy....let me find out you do hair as well.. uhmm so who is the model? can we use her? is she interestd?